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Capio Analytics provides entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, and legal professionals with up-to-the-minute information on intellectual property developments in the life-sciences sector. Capio's revolutionary platform empowers users to easily search global patent filings, assess the competitiveness of their own IP compared to prior art, and network with experts and investors.

Intellectual Property Intelligence Platform
About Capio Analytics

Navigating the
Life-sciences IP Landscape

IP protections are vital to the business models of all life-sciences firms.

To make informed decisions, entrepreneurs, investors, and legal professionals need accurate information about the IP landscape in their specific fields. Currently, that information is scattered and difficult to obtain.

Capio solves that problem.

Benefits of Our Platform

Our novel platform, IPinform, offers a streamlined search engine for life-sciences patents and other IP documents. The platform also features a competitive index for assessing the market potential of user's IP compared to rival innovations. And the platform's dedicated data feeds alert users to breaking IP developments in their fields of interest.

Additionally, the platform includes project management and e-commerce interfaces that connect users with experts and investors to assist with everything from legal support to technology transfer.

  • Dedicated platform

    A leading IP intelligence platform specifically focused on the life-science sector.

  • Deep Industry Insight

    Comprehensive, up-to- the-minute coverage of IP developments.

IPinform benefits
  • Integrated Communication

    Dedicated channels for connecting innovators and investors with legal and finance professionals.

  • Revolutionary Technology

    Revolutionary technology that allows users to navigate the world of prior art and analyze competitive markets.

Road Map
  1. Cornolean Cie
    May 2015

    Development company Cornolean Cie sought to address a research question on Intellectual Property Intelligence for the biomanufacturing and life-sciences sector

  2. Capio Analytics founded
    February 2018
  3. Platform buildout continues; beta testing commences
    September 2018
  4. Corporate landing page launches; onboarding of users begins
    November 2018
  5. Staged product launch
    Coming Soon
    We're currently creating something special
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IPinform provides up-to-the-minute sector specific insight at all developmental stages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're an entrepreneur, investor, researcher, or lawyer, our platform can help you better understand the IP landscape of your field, track competitors' patenting behavior, and estimate the market viability of your own innovations.
Our project management tools grant you access to subject-matter experts who can answer your questions and assist with research, tech transfer, and market entry. And our e-commerce interface enables entrepreneurs and investors to connect and partner with each other.

Capio Analytics is the only platform focused exclusively on the life-sciences industry. Our team is deeply versed in all life-sciences subsectors, from bioenergy to biomanufacturing.
Our technology continuously monitors new patent filings to offer up-to- the-minute information. Users can subscribe to dedicated feeds to receive updates on IP developments relevant to their interests.
And no other firm offers a comparative index, which enables users to judge the novelty of their own IP and assess its market potential.

IP protections are the foundation of all life-sciences firms. A company's ability to raise capital, commercialize inventions, and generate ROI all depend on a clear and accurate understanding of the IP landscape.
Capio facilitates that understanding. We simplify the world of IP, enabling innovators to make informed business decisions.

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